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Calving Season and Mineral Importance

Calving season is upon us, and it’s crucial to discuss the significance of our Calving and Breeding mineral. In this discussion, we’ll explore the advantages that set our mineral apart from others in the market and understand how it works within the animal to achieve optimal results.

Addressing Scours with MOS Mineral

One of the primary health concerns for producers is scours, which remains a persistent challenge despite various preventive measures. In the past two decades, many producers have integrated MOS mineral into their operations to control scour outbreaks. Drawing from personal experience as an early adopter of MOS in bovine applications, we delve into its mode of action. MOS, a non-nutritive component of yeast cell walls, specifically targets E. coli and Salmonella bacteria in the gut, providing a crucial defense against these harmful pathogens.

How MOS Works in the Gut

Understanding the mechanics of MOS is essential for effective implementation. E. coli and Salmonella bacteria, attracted to carbohydrates, pose a threat to nursing calves. MOS mimics carbohydrates, attracting and trapping these bacteria, which are then safely expelled from the calf’s system. Additionally, MOS aids in reducing the incidence of C & D toxoid, contributing to a healthier gut and minimizing the risk of ulcers.

Feeding Protocol for CPM Calving and Breeding Mineral

The most effective feeding protocol for our mineral involves starting at least 30 days before calving. University of Kentucky trial data supports the benefits, showing a 30% increase in IGG levels in colostrum and a prolonged duration of passive immunity in calves. By incorporating MOS into the cow’s diet, we extend the window of passive immunity, offering crucial protection during the vulnerable early days of a calf’s life.

Unique Formulation and Benefits of CPM Mineral

CPM Calving and Breeding mineral stands out due to its unique formulation, incorporating Diamond V yeast, a rich source of mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) and beta-glucans. This formulation is specifically designed to encourage intake in young calves, jumpstarting their active immunity at an early age. The mineral aids in the recovery of the cow, ensuring she returns to breeding condition promptly.

Importance of Pre-Calving Nutrition

The success of our mineral program underscores the importance of pre-calving nutrition. It adheres to guidelines developed over 25 years to ensure consistent intakes in calves without compromising reproductive performance in cows. It is recommended to collaborate with Nutrition Advisors to tailor a mineral program that suits individual needs and operations.

Bob Myers

Livestock consultant