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We are your premier Livestock Feed Manufacturing Company.

We serve Beef Producers, Cow Calf Producers, Nebraska Pork Producers, Rural Farms, Acreage Owners and Livestock Producers throughout the state.​

We employ a diversified package of techniques to master the art of livestock feed manufacturing from minerals to complete feeds. The manufacturing process is computerized from receiving ingredients and processing, to loading trucks for delivery. Our computer system permits our team to focus on quality and husbandry, not specific batching. We focus on things such as ingredient quality, micron size, inclusion accuracy, and traceability. Consumers today want to know how their livestock was raised, where the feed came from, and who produced it. This means that all actions by our team must be planned and deliberate in order to ensure the highest quality expected by consumers. We provide an in-depth record system and feed sampling to back up our process and quality control points.

We are ready to serve you.