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Show Pig Starters Q&A

CPM has the entire line of Lindner Showfeed on hand at all times, which would also include the starters. These would range from 25% protein to 20% protein.

We recommend starting with the 600 Neo Starter, which is a 25% protein, as a creep feed in the crate a week prior to weaning. 600 Neo Starter’s amazing palatability and early acceptance lends itself to fit as both a creep feed and the MOST ideal option post weaning.

Feed 1-2 bags per litter.

We recommend following up the 600 Neo Starter with the 606 Blitz, which is a 23% protein. 606 Blitz delivers quick bloom for a reliable SALE-READY look. Feed 1-2 bags per litter. Follow up the 606 Blitz with the 612 Starter, which is a 23% protein. 612 will help maintain bloom on 7-10 week old pigs and prep for selling. Feed 1-2 bags per litter.

Lindner has a great option for this in the 648 starter. 648 is a great option when selling at an older age or if the pigs need to be caught up in terms of bloom. Will promote proper bloom without being overly aggressive in extreme muscle development. Can be used as a receiving feed as well.
All of the starter feeds come in both bulk and bags other than the 600 Neo Starter. The 600 Neo Starter comes in bags only.
The only starter that can not be made in meal form is the 600 Neo Starter as it is only available in pellet form. The 648 is only available in meal form. All other starters are available in both meal and pellet form.
Lindner Show Feed starters are available for pickup at both the Columbus and Howells locations with proper ordering and lead times.

The Lindner system of starters has been designed to maximize growth and development of your show pig. Visit this article to learn more.