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CPM Products.

CPM Chick Starter

• 22% crumble
• Contains Amprolium to help prevent coccidiosis
• Feed up to 21 days of age; transition to Broiler Finisher
• Feed up to 18 weeks of age; transition to Layer

CPM Broiler Finisher

• 19% crumble
• Great for finishing Broilers
• Contains Amprolium to help prevent coccidiosis

CPM Layer

• 17% crumble
• Start as sole ration after 18 weeks of age

CPM Multi Purpose Poultry Concentrate

• 27% crumble
• Great for all types of poultry and game birds
• Dilute with corn to make a complete feed

Purina Products.

Purina® Layena® Crumbles

Purina® Layena® layer feed provides all 38 nutrients laying hens need once they’re 18 weeks old and laying eggs. Feeding Purina® Layena® layer feed to your hens provides you with delicious and nutritious eggs that your family and community can enjoy. The exclusive Purina® Oyster Strong® System strengthens eggshells with added calcium from oyster shells, Vitamin D and manganese. Our Crumbles are wholesome and balanced, supporting reproductive and overall health with no need to supplement.

Purina® Meat Bird Crumbles

Broiler chicks require 38 different nutrients to start and grow strong. Purina® Meat Bird Poultry Feed is fortified with all of the nutrients required to provide for uniform growth, proper muscle development and top overall health. No supplementation is required with this versatile and complete feed specifically formulated for broiler chickens requiring high levels of energy and growth.

Purina® Home Grown™ Starter/Grower Medicated

Provides complete, consistent nutrition for raising laying chicks from hatch to laying age (18-20 weeks). This complete feed comes with 18% protein and quality nutrients to support proper growth. Medicated with amprolium (not an antibiotic) to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.