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Mineral Program

CPM 6000 Mineral Series

CPM 6000 Gestation Mineral

  • Fully fortified to meet your herd requirements

Calving and Breeding Mineral

  • Feed 30-60 days prior to calving and 45 days through breeding
  • Contains Availa 4 and Diamond V
  • Elevated vitamin levels

All minerals can be customized to fit your operation or the season. Hi Mag, Hi Cal, Fly Control, Added Rumensin or Bovatec options are available.

  • Breed back interval
  • Overall cow wellness

Mineral/Protein Tubs

Purina Protein Tubs

  • Rangeland 30-13
  • Rangeland 25 All-Natural
  • Rangeland 24-12 Hi Fat
  • Purina Stress Tub

Purina Mineral Tubs

  • Wind and Rain AS 4 Min Tub
  • Wind and Rains AS 4 AV4 Min Tub
  • Wind and Rain AS 4 Mag Min Tub
  • Wind and Rain AS 4 Altosid Tub

Kent Protein Tubs

  • EnergiLass 20
  • Energilass 25 All-Natural
  • Energilass 25 All-Natural BetaMOS’

Kent Mineral Tubs

  • Energilass Cattle Mineral 8
  • Energilass Super Hi-mag 12
  • Great source of protein, minerals and vitamins.
  • Designed for convenience and controlled consumption.
  • Can be used for receiving cattle or stressed cattle which provides chelated trace minerals and yeast to build immunity.

Pasture & Transition Calves

All feeds can be customized to fit your operation, natural, Rumensin, Bovatec, CTC.
Pelleted Creep

Calf Creep BOV

  • Includes Diamond V and Availa 4
  • Builds calf health and growth
  • Feed continuously while on pasture or with a constant supply of hay
  • Durable high-quality 14% protein pellet
Meal Creep

CPM 4000 Bovamax Creep

  • Has Diamond V and Availa 4
  • Harness the power of DDG to help your calves perform at their highest level. (4:1 feed conversion)
  • 16% protein

Portion Manager

  • DDG based limiter to manage intake on calves in dry lots or pasture
  • Controls intake without changing the smell or taste of creep
  • Cattle can start on any level of this product
  • Great for developing breeding stock
  • Ability to limit calves to the desired percentage of body weight