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Effective Fly Control Solutions for Livestock during Fly Season

Fly control during fly season

Fly season is here, and it’s time to implement effective fly control measures for your animals. Flies can quickly multiply, causing discomfort and health issues. Feed fly control supplements and use targeted products to keep your livestock healthy.

Feeding Fly Control Supplements

Feed Purina High-Octane Fly Control Supplement with Clarify to cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and pigs. It passes through the digestive system, targeting fly eggs in the manure. Start feeding 30 days before the last frost in spring for optimal results.

Alternative Fly Control Options

Consider insecticides, fly ear tags, pour-on treatments, loose minerals, and mineral tubes for fly control in cattle. Provide 4 oz of loose minerals per cow, monitor intake, and ensure feeders and water sources are accessible. Recommended products:

  1. Wind and Rain Storm All Season 7.5 Complete Altosid Fly Control Beef Cattle Mineral Feed(CPM6000)
  2. Kent Framework 365 Mineral ADF AFC: Another high-quality mineral option for cattle, this product aids in fly control and provides essential nutrients for overall herd health.
  3. Wind & Rain AS 4 Tub Altosid: Available in tub form, this product offers convenient fly control for cattle while providing necessary mineral supplementation.
  4. Purina EquiTub® Horse Supplement with Fly Control: For horse owners, this supplement offers fly control along with essential nutrients to support their horses’ well-being.


Fly season can be a challenging time for livestock owners, but with the right fly control measures in place, you can help your animals stay comfortable and healthy throughout this period. Feeding fly control supplements, such as the Purina High-Octane Fly Control Supplement with Clarify, can be highly effective in reducing fly populations on your farm. Additionally, alternative options like insecticides, fly ear tags, and mineral feeds provide valuable solutions for fly control.

Ensure you start implementing fly control measures well in advance of the fly season to achieve optimal results. If you have any questions or need further information, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable Livestock Advisors. Enjoy the summer and create a fly-free environment for your livestock!

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Written by Allison Bishop