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Creep Feed & Fly Control

Creep Feed

Creep feed can give an economic advantage when it comes time to sell your calves. The profitability of creep feeding is related to: the cost of the creep ration, the F: G of the creep, and the price of calves when selling. CPM has a very economical creep feed called BOVAMAX Creep.

BOVAMAX Creep is a distiller based meal creep that contains a minimum of 17% protein (including the soluble bypass protein), 5% fat, higher fiber, organic trace minerals, and very low starch content. When fed at 2% of the calf’s body weight it will help develop an excellent frame and lean muscle mass. BOVAMAX Creep is also going to help the calves reach their full genetic potential, reduce stress at weaning, gain as much as 3 lb/day. CPM guarantees no bloat from overeating the BOVAMAX Creep.

A key ingredient in CPMs BOVAMAX Creep is Diamond V Original XPC. Original XPC is a feed additive that is all-natural and fermentation-based, that supports robust digestive health with its metabolites by optimizing the rumen environment. Research has shown that Diamond V XPC will improve feed intake and daily gain in young claves, improve overall health and immunity decreasing the frequency of health treatments and a reduced risk of morbidity and mortality. Owner of CPM Russ Vering says, “BOVAMAX Creep with Diamond V XPC is the best decision you’ll ever make for your new crop claves—I guarantee it”.

Fly Control

As warm weather and summer approaches us it’s time to start planning how you’re going to control the flies for your cattle. CPM carries a product called Altosid IGR that we recommend in addition to a topical treatment to control flies. IGR stands for “insect growth regulator” and it is used for cattle on pasture to control horn flies by breaking their life cycle. To break the horn fly life cycle the IGR uses a copy of the juvenile horn fly’s biochemical makeup, keeping them in the juvenile state until they die. It’s recommend to feed IGR 30 days prior to the outbreak of flies. CPM carries IGR in lick tubs and in customized mineral. For more information ask your CPM Sales rep!

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