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Grazing Corn Stalks

Harvest is here and most producers are itching to move cows to corn stalks! Having access to corn stalks is a great opportunity to provide a relatively inexpensive feed for your herd. Before you turn out on stalks, there are many questions to consider. What should I feed them before turnout? What do I do if there is a lot of corn on the ground? What protein supplementation will I provide? CPM is here to help answer your questions!

Grazing Corn Stalks

Before turnout, we recommend making sure your cows are full on dry hay, then turning them out midday. In fields with a lot of corn on the ground, you can acclimate your cows by feeding grain 3-4 days prior to prepare them for the corn they will indulge on. We also highly recommend putting out free choice Sodium Bicarbonate. This is a very cost-effective way to buffer the rumen against the high pH levels your herd may experience. As for protein supplementation, there are a variety of options. You can utilize DDG cubes, different forms of distiller grains, or protein tubs. Protein supplementation is a crucial part of grazing stalks and amounts may need to be adjusted depending on your herd. 

Utilizing corn stalks is a very effective forage source but to be successful, must be done correctly to meet the cow’s needs. Please reach out to one of our Livestock Advisors for more information and for any questions you may have! We are here to help your operation have a successful corn stalk grazing experience!

Carly Steffensmeier

Livestock Feed Advisor

Cell: (402)380-8781