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We want to congratulate our long-time customer, Terry Wegner for his recent induction into the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame!

We have some recent award winners on our CPM Team! Congratulations to you all and the hard work and dedication you have provided. Our brand is great because of all of you.

Ruth had let her manager know that she was going to be home with a sick family member, but when another member of the Mill Team called in sick, putting the Mill short on people, she made other arrangements and headed to work. She really showed support for her manager and her team and it was very much appreciated by everyone! Thank you, Ruth, for supporting the CPM/Frontier family!

There is not a single Frontier/CPM Core Value that Crystal has not blown out of the water over the past several months. We had a member of our team out on Maternity Leave and during that time Crystal went back and forth between locations helping in any capacity that she was needed. Within that time, she also spent time training a new employee on all of the inner workings of both locations.

We then had a team member working remotely for several weeks due to surgery and during that time, Crystal single-handedly ran the Howells location, not only performing all of her duties at the Feed Order Desk but also physically helping with the Financial Office duties. She came in early and stayed late, putting in a lot of time and effort without complaint. If she wasn’t there with her amazing can-do attitude, along with her tenacity and drive for success, coupled with her phenomenal skill set for time management, detail orientation, problem-solving, and customer service, we would not have made it through this. Crystal, THANK YOU for all you do for us every day in every single Core Value that we have! We appreciate you so very much!

Brandon was nominated for his dedication! He is never afraid to jump in and help out and is extremely reliable. We always know he’s going to get the job done! Brandon is willing to come in on a day off to help out a customer and has even dropped everything on Christmas Eve to take a load to a customer that was out of feed. It took him away from his family for multiple hours but he did what needed to be done. Brandon, you are a valuable member of our team and we appreciate you very much!

Congratulations to Carly who recently received the Frontier “Above and Beyond” award! The Above and Beyond award is presented quarterly to team members that live our core values. Carly has been with CPM for 5 years and has continued to grow her community of producers by creating the best experience for her clients. Congratulations Carly! You deserve it and we are so glad you are on our team!

Career Opportunity.

We have a position open for a Nutrition Advisor on the Frontier Coop Team! Is this you for someone you know? Please apply today or pass along this information. We’d love to have a conversation with you!

Cow/Calf Confinement.

With the current price of land and the decreasing availability of pastures, cow-calf producers are starting to look for other options. The traditional rotational grazing of stocks and pastures isn’t as profitable as it once was; since it requires a high capital in order to make it work. Not only is there a 6.3% decrease in grazable acres, but the prices of land and the market risk make it unsuitable for some producers today. The U.S. cow herds must continue to grow in the industry if it is going to preserve and regain lost market share. One way producers can do this is through a confined or semi-confined system.

Moving cows into confinement can increase efficiency, reduce land requirements, and improve herd management. With a confinement system, the producer will be able to change the feeding program to suit the nutritional and energy needs of the cow at different stages: breeding, lactating, or…