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Avoiding Grass Tetany


Springtime finds all of us working more outside and enjoying the weather. Everyone on our team at CPM is busy manufacturing for spring calving season with the anticipation of summer pasture and beef creep season. CPM is enthusiastic about our producers. We manufacture and advise for large livestock operations and for small livestock operations.

Let’s talk about small operations. Whether you are raising chickens in your backyard or feeding out your own pork or beef, CPM has solutions for your feed needs. Our philosophy is to keep nutrition simple and locally produced. All of our Poultry, Swine, Goat, Sheep, and Beef feeds are made in Nebraska with Nebraska ingredients. We take the time to evaluate each ingredient that goes into your feed ensuring that it is safe for your livestock and nutritionally required. Our company does not believe in…


Cory Miller, Sales Team Leader talks more about what Central Plains does and why it’s important in the video below.

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Springtime is here! The grass gets greener, and producers are excited to get their cows out on pasture, but as a producer, did you properly prepare your cows for that lush green grass? Death from grass tetany can occur very rapidly. Luckily, there is an inexpensive “insurance policy” to help prevent it. Magnesium!

Grass tetany occurs when magnesium becomes deficient in the cow. The grass is high in potassium, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. When a cow starts consuming lush grass, high in these nutrients, it interferes with magnesium absorption. Lactating cows also require an increased amount of magnesium. These factors during the spring, increase the risk for grass tetany in your herd…


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