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Are You Creep Feeding?


Carly Steffensmeier, Livestock Advisor talks more about the benefits in the article below.

Looking to increase the weaning weight on your calves? Searching for ways to improve your bottom line? Creep-feeding calves is a great solution and one that is almost always a return on investment. Let’s take a look at why you should utilize creep feed, its benefits, and what options Central Plains Milling has for your calves.

In a cow/calf operation, gross income is partially going to depend on the weaning weight of calves. Typically, a lactating cow can supply about 50% of the nutrients that a calf needs to maximize its growth potential. Grass and creep feed is able to supply the other 50% that the calf is needing. Calves that are supplemented properly can convert on average 4 pounds of feed to 1 pound of gain. Creep feeding for approximately 100 days should add around 60-plus pounds of weaning weight. More pounds on a calf to sell equals an increase in revenue.

In addition to increased weaning weights, creep feed has many other benefits. Supplementing creep feed to calves can help relieve pressure on the cow’s milk production. Relieving some pressure off the cow can also make an impact on its overall body condition. When it comes time to wean, your calves will be used to coming to feed and typically transition to a feed bunk easier. This in turn will make the weaning process less stressful on your calves.

Central Plains Milling provides quality creep feeds that are superior to most on the market. We have two different forms of creep available: pelleted or meal. Our pelleted creep is called “CPM Calf Creep” and our meal creep is called “CPM 4000 Creep”. CPM Calf Creep (pelleted) is 14% protein and is formulated with Bovatec with the option of adding CTC if needed. CPM 4000 Creep (meal) is a 16% protein that utilizes the power of dried distillers grains and has options to have Rumensin, Bovatec, or CTC added. Both creep feeds have Availa-4 and Diamond V XPC in them. We utilize Availa-4 in our creep to help decrease the effects of stress, strengthen immune systems, and increase average daily gain in your calves. Diamond V helps support digestive tissue and promotes a healthy microbial balance for calf immunity and overall health. If you are interested in maximizing your calf’s potential on creep, contact our Livestock Feed Advisors today!


Janessa Smola, Livestock Advisor talks about working with her clients to help solve some of the challenges they are up against.

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Meet Shawn! He’s weighing micro ingredients at our Columbus facility.

Do you have questions about what you are feeding or the best approach? Contact us today and one of our Livestock Feed Advisors would be happy to answer any questions you might have!


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